By Angie Sage

When Aunt Tabby and Uncle Drac head off to Transylvania, Araminta is upset—they're going to be away on her birthday. even though, while it seems that her almost-grown-up cousin, Mathilda, can be babysitting, it sort of feels issues could not get any higher. yet Mathilda's introduced alongside hassle: rowdy teenage ghosts, Ned and Jed, who hearken to not anyone. it is a catastrophe! Can the ladies work out how to get Ned and Jed out of the home for good?

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Sir Horace waved the paper in the air. “Look at this, Miss Wizzard. ” You may not know, but a very long time ago our ghost Sir Horace lived in a castle not far away from Spookie House. There is not -42­ much of his castle left now. Recently it has been a mushroom farm and even more recently a theme park called Water Wonderland. Old Morris FitzMaurice owns it and he is not nice. He is a descendant of the really horrible Jasper FitzMaurice who stole Sir Horace’s castle from him. The headline said: fish flattened!

Things always look better when you have a Plan. -32­ -3­ NURSE WATKINS O ne awful hour later, Nurse Beryl Watkins was watching like a hawk as Wanda and I said good-bye to everyone. She stood at the top of the steps at the front door of Spookie House in her nurse’s uniform and nearly filled up the whole doorway. Nurse Watkins is all muscle. She has legs like tree trunks and hands like a baseball pitcher’s mitt. I reckon she was a professional wrestler before she got -33­ hold of her nurse’s uniform.

Aunt Tabby looked annoyed because Brenda and Barry had grabbed the best seats. They looked really excited. Brenda had her best pink sunglasses on and Barry was wearing a new blue bowler hat. Brenda was saying good-bye to her cat, Pusskins. “Look after my ickle-wickle pussycatkins, Wanda,” she said in the little girly voice she uses when she talks about Pusskins, -34­ -35­ Q and she dropped Pusskins into Wanda’s arms. Wanda staggered under the weight because the one thing that Pusskins definitely is not is ickle-wickle.

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