By Dennis Abrams

Profiles the existence and occupation of the writer Anthony Horowitz.

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He said: I got fed up with the whole idea of writing children’s books. My career, my TV career was bubbling along very very nicely. I’d done Robin of Sherwood. I’d done The Adventures FINDING HIS VOICE British actor David Suchet portrayed television’s detective Hercule Poirot in the show Poirot, which was based on the Agatha Christie series. In 1989 Anthony Horowitz wrote seven of the scripts for the British show. of William Tell which was unspeakably awful, every script I wrote was rewritten massively by other people, so I don’t think a single word of mine was ever really filmed.

Warden tried to light it with a match. On Friday it was the Hoover. Mrs. Warden only just escaped a terrible injury when she tried to use it to blow-dry her hair. (Granny 65–66) At this point, Granny’s narrator expresses his feelings about the family’s predicament: You may think it pathetic that Mr. and Mrs. Warden were so incapable of looking after themselves but you’d be surprised how true this is of the very rich. They’ve been looked after by servants for so long that they don’t know how to do anything for themselves.

Then there were her table manners. Although it’s a sad thing to say, Granny’s table manners would have made a 51 52 ANTHONY HOROWITZ cannibal sick. She had a large mouth framed by some of the yellowest teeth in the world. These teeth were stumpy and irregular, slanting at odd angles, and actually wobbled in her gums when she laughed. But how hard they worked! Granny would eat at a fantastic rate, shoveling food in with a fork, lubricating it with a quick slurp of water and then swallowing it with a little sucking noise and a final hiccup.

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