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In Phaius and Vanilla, the lip is indistinctly three-lobed and trumpet-shaped, completely enfolding the column, and with a waxy, crispate margin. 25 The lip is usually attached to the rest of the orchid flower below the column, or sometimes to the downward extension of the column, its foot. In the latter event, the lip is often extremely mobile, as it is in Bulbophyllum and Cirrhopetalum, the articulation with the column foot forming a delicately balanced hinge. Other lips are usually immovable, and may actually be fused to the base of the column in Calanthe, Platylepis and some species of Eulophia, or to the other perianth parts, as in Satyrium and Manniella, so that a tubular flower is formed.

5 ); d, column and lip, the latter upturned and attached to the column for the length of its basal claw and with a two-lobed, papillose appendage at the point where it bends back on itself; the slender blade ends in a papillose limb projecting forwards in front of the column; one of the quiver-shaped sacs in which the pollinia are housed is visible at the side of the column with a slender, curved rostellum arm projecting forwards from it above the stigma (x9); e, pollinarium, large massulae of pollen grains attached to a broad caudicle bearing a small viscidium at its tip (x16); f, fruit, with the remains of the flower at its apex (xl).

In a few species of the latter tribe, in the genera Chamaeangis and Diaphananthe, they are arranged in whorls of three or five along the rachis. In several Holothrix and Bulbophyllum species, although neatly arranged in two rows, the flowers are twisted to face one direction, so that a one-sided, or secund, inflorescence is produced. The rachis may be long, bearing well-spaced flowers, or it may be very abbreviated so that the flowers appear clustered together in tight heads. In several species of Ancistrorhynchus the peduncle is almost absent, and a dense, spherical mass of flowers, held close to the stem, is the result.

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