By Xuan Hui Wu, Ahmed A. Kishk

Substrate built-in waveguide (SIW) is a brand new form of transmission line. It implements a waveguide on a section of published circuit board via emulating the part partitions of the waveguide utilizing rows of steel posts. It inherits the advantages either from the microstrip for compact dimension and straightforward integration, and from the waveguide for low radiation loss, and therefore opens one other door to layout effective microwave circuits and antennas at a economical. This booklet provides a two-dimensional fullwave research solution to examine an SIW circuit composed of steel and dielectric posts. It combines the cylindrical eigenfunction enlargement and the strategy of moments to prevent geometrical descritization of the posts. the tactic is gifted step by step, with the entire precious formulations supplied for a practitioner who desires to enforce this system via himself. This ebook covers the SIW circuit published on both homogeneous or inhomogeneous substrate, the microstrip-to-SIW transition and the speed-up process for the simulation of symmetrical SIW circuits. varieties of SIW circuits are proven and simulated utilizing the proposed procedure. additionally, numerous slot antennas and horn antennas fabricated utilizing the SIW expertise also are given. desk of Contents: advent / SIW Circuits Composed of steel Posts / SIW Circuits with Dielectric Posts / Even-Odd Mode research of a Symmetrical Circuit / Microstrip to SIW Transition and part Mode SIW / SIW Antennas

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The field distributions of Port 1 and Port 1 are kept the same as if they were not split. Now, two half circuits as shown in Fig. 18 are constructed and analyzed separately. 8), the S parameters of the circuit in Fig. 4. 9: An SIW ring hybrid; from [10], copyright ©2008 IEEE. 10: Analysis of the even mode excitation of the ring hybrid in Fig. 9 using PMC symmetry. 4. 11: S parameters of the half circuit with a PMC wall shown in Fig. 10. 12: Analysis of the odd mode excitation of the ring hybrid in Fig.

18; from [12], copyright ©2007 IEEE. 23 24 2. 37) tan δ) where o and μo are the permittivity and permeability of the free space. 5 should be modified as the port impedance is a complex number but not a real number anymore. 38) where Zn is the impedance of the nth sub-port, and Rn = Re(Zn ) is the real part of that impedance. 39) gives 2R1 − Z1 2Rn − Zn Z1 Zn ,··· , √ an×1 + diag √ , · · · , √ √ Rn Rn R1 R1 1 1 = Zn×n diag √ , · · · , √ (an×1 − bn×1 ). 41) where −1 Z1 Zn 1 1 Sn×n = diag √ , · · · , √ + Zn×n diag √ , · · · , √ Rn Rn R1 R1 1 1 2Rn − Zn 2R1 − Z1 · Zn×n diag √ , · · · , √ ,··· , √ − diag √ Rn Rn R1 R1 .

5 /square surface impedance for the metallic posts. 27 CHAPTER 3 SIW Circuits with Dielectric Posts In Chapter 2, a method is presented to study a substrate integrated waveguide circuit with metallic posts inserted inside a homogeneous substrate. Although this type of circuit is the most widely adopted so far, a substrate integrated waveguide circuit with inhomogeneous substrate gives more freedom in the circuit design, and it may give some compact designs. This chapter generalizes the method presented in Chapter 2 to deal with a substrate integrated waveguide circuit with both dielectric and metallic cylinders.

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