By Traci Harding

The intense and bestselling trips of 1 lady all through time ... the slim stairway contained in the mountain ended in a door that opened right into a large marble plateau. Upon this stood a stone circle of 9 of the biggest hunks of polished crystal tory had ever obvious. A turbulent cloud erupted overhead, its center alive with electromagnetic task. For 20 years the kingdoms of Prydyn, Dumnonia and Dalriada have prospered in peace less than the assistance in their excessive King, Maelgwn of Gwynedd, and his strong Queen, tory. but if the excessive King is afflicted with insanity and a mysterious plague, Britain is decided to be thrown into the chaos of yesteryear. tory seeks the recommendation of a sophisticated civilisation that thrived lengthy sooner than recorded historical past, the place males of serious studying and miracles have been ample. the ladies of the Otherworld comply with relief tory to make her passage again via time. yet as soon as in Atlantis, tory needs to use her personal units t locate the therapy she seeks and the way to go back to her household at midnight a while.

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Think not of the past, think of the future, when the Lord Dragon would rule all of the land! When men would be subject only to him, and to his Prophet beneath him. Those days would be glorious indeed, days when none would dare scorn the Prophet or deny his will. Days when the Prophet wouldn’t have to suffer the indignity of living near the very camp—the very one—as Shadowspawn like that creature Aybara. Glorious days. Glorious days were coming. It was difficult to keep his thoughts on those future glories.

Rand hadn’t been aware that the former damane had been involved in the . . information gathering. Still, she was supposed to be even stronger than Nynaeve in the One Power, so perhaps she had been brought for support. One could never be too careful where the Forsaken were concerned. There were streaks of white in Alivia’s hair, and she was just a bit taller than Nynaeve. That white in her hair was telling—any white or gray on a woman who wielded the One Power meant age. A great deal of it. Alivia claimed to be four centuries old.

As if he looked through water at something distorted. It was getting better, slowly. This building was one in a long line of manors, estates and other remote hiding places Rand had used during the last few weeks. He’d wanted to keep moving, jumping from location to location, following the failed meeting with Semirhage. He’d wanted time to think, to consider, and hopefully time to confuse the enemies that might be searching for him. Lord Algarin’s manor in Tear had been compromised; a pity. That had been a good place to stay.

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