By A. C.; Bell, Marjorie Jewett (editor) Jewett

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The havildar is able to light three or four of these bits of rags and get away. He is very expert as you can see, for he has done this for some time. Recently when the halvidar had a fever, I tried to take his temperature. He nearly bolted, thinking I was going to put a hole in his tongue. Then, after explanations, he stood for it, though he gasped and shook a bit. After the fever was down I gave him four grain capsules of quinine to swallow. " He's back at work now. Bisyar khub chiz (very good thing), quinine.

From the gate to the mustofi's house there is a grape arbor, and I noticed hundreds of bunches of grapes still on the vines, each bunch tied up in a little white cotton bag. I commented on them and he had some taken down; they were quite fresh and good even though there had been frosts for a month. We had tea and fresh grapes in the mustofi's garden, the sun being warm. I wrote to you about two weeks ago from Jabal-us-Siraj, so maybe you will hear from me. Halliday wrote from there some time ago and after a month the letter came back to him, although it was carefully directed in Persian.

There is almost nothing one can buy here, but I'm going to pick up a bit of astrakhan, having seen some of the genuine from Bokhara and Turkestan. " I am leaving for Jabal-us-Siraj. 35 Winter Quarters Jabal-us-Siraj, 15 January 1912 The Month of Rest ABAL-US-SIRAJ, the site of the old city of Parwan, is just at the foot of the Hindu Kush and there are high white walls on all sides. From the tower window in the fort I can see nearly twenty miles down the Kohistan valley toward Kabul. The Afghan winter is a naked one.

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