By Clara Dillingham Pierson, F. C. Gordon

A pleasant quantity of nature tales for young ones. provides the adventures of mom Eel, the Playful Muskrat, the Snappy Snapping Turtle, and the opposite Pond humans. those tales are jam-packed with humor, but cleverly show information regarding the frogs, minnows, and different pond citizens and sometimes recommend an ethical in a fragile demeanour which no baby may well withstand. ultimate for kids a long time five to 7.

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Sometimes, when they tired of staying quietly at home, they had made short journeys up a brook that emptied into the pond. It was a brook that flowed gently over an even bed, else they would never have gone there, for Sticklebacks like quiet waters. When they swam in this little stream, they met the Brook Trout, who were much larger than they, and who were the most important people there. Now this Stickleback was a year old and knew much more than he did the summer before. When the alder tassels and pussy willows hung over the edge of the pond in the spring-time, he began to think seriously of life.

They told him he was not looking well, and that he hadn't managed the children right, and that they thought he tried to do too much. He was too tired to talk about it, so he just said, "Perhaps," and began to eat something. Yet, down in his fatherly heart he knew it was worth doing. He knew, too, that when spring should come once more, he would become red and blue again, and build another nest, and fight and work and love as he had done before. "There is nothing in the world better than working for one's own little Sticklebacks," said he.

She shut her mouth to get her breath, because, you know, Frogs can only breathe a little through their skins, and then only when they are wet. Most of their air they take in through their nose and swallow with their mouths closed. That is why they cannot make long speeches. When their mouths are open they cannot swallow air. After a while she spoke again. " The First Tadpole did not know what a year was, but he felt sure from the way in which she spoke that it was a long, long time, and he was in a hurry to grow up.

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