By Chris Ryan

Target: Assassin!

The 5 participants of Alpha strength are education within the Caribbean whilst an oil tanker runs aground, spilling oil - black gold - into the seas.

Diving right down to the afflicted tanker, Alpha strength quickly notice that each one isn't because it turns out. yet they're going to desire all their abilities and ingenuity - powerboating, scuba diving, jet snowboarding - while a bomb explodes and an murderer moves . . .

High-octane thrills from a grasp of event, bestselling writer, television presenter and an ex-SAS hero CHRIS RYAN.

Includes Chris Ryan's best SAS pointers on defense and Survival in and round water.

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Danny nodded. ' Danny gestured towards the jetty. ' The man looked at Alpha Force. 'And you're the volunteers? ' 4 DAMAGE CONTROL Danny steered the Fathom Sprinter out of the bay. She was white like her sister Fathom Sprite, but bigger and more powerful, with enough room for a dozen divers in full kit. On the back was a winch and in place of the central bench stood three jet skis like a row of sea-going motorbikes. Carl had come along too, orange shorts over his black swimming trunks and flip-flops on his feet.

They were swimming as a pair at ninety degrees to the coral wall, as though they had forgotten which way was up. Several fish seemed to have been fooled too and were swimming along beside them. To anyone who knew them they would seem unlikely dive-buddies – Amber, a privileged rich girl from America, and Hex, a computer hacker from a rough part of London – but the two had clicked. Now they swam closer to the coral wall, changing direction in sync like a pair of seahorses, bubbles rising from their masked faces like thought clouds.

We saw your video,' shouted Amber. ' Danny leaned over and shouted his reply over the noise of the helicopter. 'Then you saw what happened after my dive. ' Carl dived again. This time Danny gave him a thumbs-up as he surfaced. ' As the helicopter descended down onto the road behind the dive centre, he pointed up to the six-metre platform again. Danny could see that the five members of Alpha Force were fascinated by the cliff diving. He beckoned to them. They put their heads close to him so they could hear what he had to say over the noise.

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