By Mick McArt

Allison desires to shock the farmer's of Squintville with a new good. The invaluable little lady discovers greater than she ever suggestion attainable the deeper she digs.

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They prayed more intensely for him as he struggled with the heavy weight. ” The burden suddenly seemed lighter than before. Slowly, the large stone shifted position and was lifted from its place. A small geyser of water came up from underneath and started filling the well. A cheer from above erupted, as the helpers who arrived saw the wonderful change that had taken place in Doubting Tommy, and also because of the water he had found. Alli, Preston, Thurston, and Tommy climbed out of the well. Everyone shook Tommy’s hand and patted him on the back.

Even to Fellowship Church, where it sat with him during service! ” Alli asked the prairie dog, while watching him pour water for Preston. Thurston had a knack for finding water, and this made Alli hopeful that she was digging in the right place. “I was on my way to Floatdown River for a swim, and I felt drawn to come this way. ” Alli and Preston loved Floatdown River, it was where all their friends would go swimming, have a picnic, or just float down the river. Thurston, looking ready for a dip, was wearing a red swim cap and an unmatching yellowstriped swim suit.

She was always discovering more truths when she read it. As the hole became deeper, Preston left to get a rope that they could use for climbing in and out of the well, and also for lowering the bucket when they found water. During that time, Alli told Thurston about the well being a gift to her parents and the farmers. That’s when they heard a strange rattling noise coming from behind Thurston’s bucket; which, was sitting in the grass. ” asked Thurston, as he and Alli peeked out from the hole. ” replied a small hissing voice.

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