By Revilo P. Oliver

From a speech by means of Dr. Revilo P. Oliver,
University of Illinois Professor of the Classics,
in March, 1959, sooner than the


Annual Illinois kingdom Convention

Supplementary notes are supplied to document
and, in a number of cases, to extend and explain
statements made within the speech on March 12, 1959.

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The public goods needs or the production possibilities, in this regard, of the colonisers were also advanced compared to the domestic rulers. For example, they might have realised the need for a sewerage system for a city and they were exposed to the then efficient technologies in this regard, and this might have influenced their decision on the provision of such a system in the colony. A similar picture could be seen in the provision of other governmental services under colonialism. The governance of colonial rulers in terms of economic growth had some characteristics which were different from domestic rulers.

By elite, we mean a relatively small section of people who have unusual power or authority. They acquire or retain the power due to superiority in physical violence, wealth, religious or ritual status and so on. One can always ask the question whether these people have become the elites after acquiring power or that they have acquired power due to their elite 1 Elite capture of the state is well discussed in the literature. The influence of the dominant class on the state is discussed in Marxist political economy (for example, see Alavi, 1972; Poulantzas, 1969; Bardhan, 1984).

A greater part of the public resources could be used for the private consumption of the ruling elite, or they might focus on those aspects of infrastructure that add prestige to the ruling elite. Bigger churches, museums, burial grounds, city squares, towers, avenues leading to the palaces could be part of this prestige-enhancing infrastructure. However, the urban traders and rural landlords might be putting some pressure on the ruling elite to control the expenditure for its own private goods consumption and prestige-enhancing infrastructure.

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