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Hot Pursuit: Murder in Mississippi (Kar-Ben for Older Readers)

It used to be the liberty summer time of 1964. Civil rights employees Mickey Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and James Chaney have been using via rural Mississippi. whilst a police cruiser flashed its lighting at the back of them, they hesitated. have been those law-abiding officials or contributors of the Ku Klux Klan? may still they pull over or attempt to outrun their pursuers?

Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye 1: Hamster and Cheese

There is a sandwich thief in Mr. Venezi's puppy store, and everybody is a suspect, from the chinchillas to the goldfish. by no means worry! The world's fluffiest detective at the case: Sasspants, PI(G). via day, Sasspants is your common book-loving, gizmo-inventing guinea pig. by means of evening she solves puppy store mysteries with the aid of her sidekick, Hamisher the hamster.

The Fastest Dinosaurs (Meet the Dinosaurs)

"Dino" Don Lessem brings readers face-to-face with numerous dinosaur species, detailing their habitats, lifestyle and the way they turned extinct. An acclaimed dinosaur professional, Don Lessem has written greater than 30 kid's books, writes a favored dinosaur column in Highlights journal, and used to be an adviser for Jurassic Park.

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The strip was not nearly high enough to hold back the rapidly rising waters. Meanwhile, on the west side of the dam, more workmen were chipping away at a second spillway. They cleared out a two-foot trench, where the water quickly gushed through. Still, it hardly made any difference. At the original spillway, some men were working to unclog the weir screens. Branches, twigs, and other debris were making the main spillway useless. One worker suggested removing the screens and knocking down the spillway bridge to allow more water out of the lake.

When the tumbling tons of water and debris hit the bridge, it held for a moment. There was a horrible crunch as the debris nailed the stone and wedged in the arch. The water rocked back and forth, seething yellow foam. Within minutes, the water grew nearly 80 feet high. Then, it shot over the top of the bridge, gushing between boulders, twisted railroad cars, and broken trees. For a short time, Lake Conemaugh had reformed five-and-a-half miles downstream from its original location. Suddenly, this second dam collapsed.

Next in line was the town of Woodvale, which had a population of about 1,000. Slightly larger than East Conemaugh, Woodvale was the pride of the Cambria Iron Company. The town essentially had been 49 50 The Johnstown Flood of 1889 This map charts the path of the floodwaters from Lake Conemaugh to the Conemaugh River below Johnstown. built by the company, and it boasted streets of clean, white houses. A streetcar line that ran along Maple Avenue connected Woodvale to Johnstown. Unlike East Conemaugh, Woodvale received no whistle warning.

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