By Harold Levine (auth.), Prof. Geneviève Comte-Bellot, Prof. John E. Ffowcs Williams (eds.)

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I) ref. contains there and and harmonic Jones, which that the We that the source may equally well be represented as being produced by an acoustic dipole distribution on that surface, which can be prescribed by the this Helmholtz process represent situated integral (as the at shown dipole an formulation. in Jessel Mangiante, & distribution arbitrary Then we may reverse by interior a ref. 2) mUltipole point of to source the volume enclosed by that surface. Again, a but this in from Helmholtz integral instead electromagnetic required.

The wavelength of the shear-layer perturbation as obtained from the streak line was found to be significantly smaller than that obtained from the velocity field. Introduction It is well established that steady or weakly non-steady flow over a trailing edge satisfies the Kutta condition at low Strouhal numbers St = 2nf8 0 /U= (8 0 = momentum thickness at the edge). However, for higher Strouhal numbers, where amplification of the instability wave is still possible, both experimental and theoretical work have not yet yielded satisfying results.

5. a) Momentum thickness of shear layer b) Phase and Amplitude of the maximum perturbation velocity downstream the trailing edge. the unsteady U-component normalized to Umax(X) in the x-y-plaLe. Two distinct minima develope, one of them in the flm.. region, the other one in the non-flow region. eory by Michalke [1]. It is 34 connected with a sudden phase reversal. The minimum in the flow region does not appear in the theory but was also found by Freymuth [2]. Two possible reasons are: a) that the shear-layer spreads and b) that the perturbation veloc'i ty is no longer small compared to the mean velocity and leads to distortions.

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