By Eva Pattis Zoja

The controversy on abortion has tended to prevent the mental value of an undesirable being pregnant, ruled istead by means of the robust feelings the topic excites. Eva Pattis Zoja examines the options that encompass a woman's selection to finish a being pregnant, and offers the not easy thesis that voluntary abortion can frequently be a violent and subconscious act of self-realisation. Treating a topic that's relevant to our lifestyles, the writer makes no try to argue for or opposed to, or to disclaim the painful nature of the topic which she tackles, yet as an alternative seems on the method during which a choice to abort can impact a woman's internal existence.

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She would assure her child an open road towards everything which she herself would have wanted to do or to be. THE EXPECTED CHANGE Let us take a step forward. We have seen an example of an unwanted pregnancy as the expression of an unconscious need to live through the very first moments—and only those—of a pregnancy. Another unconscious desire could be the wish to experience the positive aspects of motherhood as a state in its own right; motherhood, here, is defined Unconsciusly desired 29 not by the fact of having a child, but by the changes we expect it to bring about within us.

The patient does not know what to say and has only the vague impression of having heard the tone before. ’ Then, the woman could have got angry with God. Now, however, it seems that she is the person who wanted something. Since the discovery of the unconscious, it has become more difficult to make God responsible. But what did she want—a child? That seems unlikely, since she is now in the process of deciding to refuse to have one. Could it be that she only wanted a pregnancy? PROOF OF FERTILITY When I saw the little black circle on the pregnancy test, I was frightened and happy at the same time: I was pregnant.

The girl was bathed in a pond, while her brother stood nearby with a spear pointed towards the sky, in order to hold evil spirits at bay. Then she cut a coconut in half and was led back to the room in which she had spent the previous three days. She was repeatedly purified, decorated and dressed in festive clothing, and afterwards led into the ceremonial hut, where she took her place on a bench and made an offering of rice to the heavens and the earth. Next, she was given a clay vase which contained a few small objects (coins, spices, pieces of charcoal) and was carefully sealed with a leaf and a string.

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