By Morten Strange

A Photographic consultant to the Birds of Indonesia is the simplest, such a lot complete photographic advisor to the birds of Indonesia.

Because of its titanic dimension and geographical place, Indonesia has the world's so much assorted avifauna. It boasts of greater than 1,600 species—of which 235 infrequent birds are just present in Indonesia—making it the world's number 1 go back and forth vacation spot for bird-watching.

This poultry box advisor covers a complete of 912 species, together with lots of the non-migratory and endemic species which are noticeable basically in Indonesia and a
number of threatened and endangered species. a photo and distribution map is given for every chook. Many new pictures of Indonesian birds look during this quantity for the 1st time and feature been rigorously chosen to teach the real features of every poultry. The concise textual content offer important info, and an index of universal names is supplied in the back of the booklet.

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Hoogerwerfi (treated by B~rdlife and M&P 1993 as a full spectes, Aceh Pheasant) have smooth brown (not mottled) plumage. Males are all-black with red face. Voice: Has a qutet alarm call. Habits: Thts elustve btrd ts found tn mountatns of Sumatra, it occurs matnly from 1,000-2,200 m elevattons. Gu nung Ker1nc1 and Bu kit Bartsan Selatan are regular locattons for the southern subspectes, the northern has been recorded from Gunung Leuser but there are no recent stghttngs. Shy dentzen of prim ary forest.

Voice: An ascending and accelerating trill, eventu- ally endmg 1n 2-4 harsher notes. Habits: A forest bird reported to prefer lower montane hill forestm Borneo and secondary scrub 1n Sumatra. However, 1n Indonesia th1s spec1es IS only known from collected spec1mens and has never been spotted 1n the w1ld. It moves along the ground, p1ck1ng up seeds, fallen fruits and Insects. 0 ..... 9..?... ~..... 0 Rolluius rouioui 26 em F: Phasianidae Description: Unmistakable. The photo shows a captive male.

Sometimes perches on branches and kelong structures. Possibly breeds 1n large trees near water, 1n colon1es w1th other water b1rds, but its nest has been not been found here. :r. ,: Distribution: Oriental region An uncommon non-brooding visitor to Sumatra; Juveniles have teen observed, so pcssibly a resident of southeast Sumatra; vagrant in Java. Near-threatered with global extinction AUSTRALIAN PELICAN Pelecanus conspicillatus 150 em F: Pelecanidae Description: DIStinguished from the previous speCies by 1ts 'clean' bill and black lower back.

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