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Else, family members and friends of the deceased may conduct the ceremony; after which the casket is lowered for burial or placed into the furnace. If the body is cremated, the ashes can only be collected the following day. The family may, as they wish, choose to enshrine it in a columbarium, pagoda, or scatter it at sea. Occasions such as the completion of the grave, the installation of the urn into the columbarium, or the scattering of the ashes at sea are — from the Theravada standpoint — a personal matter.

These ghosts of the departed kin Foregathered and assembled there Will eagerly their blessing give For [plentiful] rich food and drink. Ciram jivantu no nāti yesam hetu labhāmase Amhākan ca katā pujā dāyakā ca anipphalā. So may our relatives live long Owing to whom we have this gain; For honour to us has been done, No giver ever lacked the fruit. Na hi tattha kasi atthi, gorakk’ettha na vijjati Vānijjā tādisi, natthi hirannena kayakkayam Ito dinnena yāpenti petā kālagatā tahim. For there is never ploughing there, Nor any cattle herding found, Nor merchandising just the same, Nor bartering for coin of gold: The ghosts of the departed kin Live there on giving given here.

The last type of peta is normally reborn in the surroundings of the house, etc. An example would be people who would normally worry; after death they would be reborn as petas staying around the house. They would appear to relatives or others as ghosts: To recapitulate, there are in Buddhism three conditions whereby the rites for the deceased can yield the expected results. They are: . The donors or givers are required to make a mental note dedicating the meritorious fruits thereof. There is no problem regarding whether or not the pouring of water is used as a supplementary factor.

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