By Morgan Rice

In A cost OF VALOR (Book #6 within the Sorcerer's Ring), Thor maintains on his quest, deeper into the Empire, to retrieve the stolen future Sword and retailer the hoop. As he and his acquaintances meet unforeseen tragedy and lose a member in their close-knit workforce, Thor and his ultimate buddies turn into nearer than they ever have been, studying that they have to face and conquer adversity jointly. Their trip takes them to new and unique terrains, together with the desolate Salt Fields, the nice Tunnel, and the Mountains of fireside, as they face a number of unforeseen monsters at each turn.

Thor's abilities deepen as he undergoes his so much complex education but, and he'll have to draw on powers more than he has ever used if he's to outlive. They eventually detect the place the Sword has been taken, and so they examine that, to retrieve it, they are going to need to enterprise to the main dreaded position within the Empire: the Land of the Dragons.

Back within the Ring, Gwendolyn recovers slowly and grapples with deep melancholy after her assault. Kendrick and the others vow to struggle for her honor, regardless of the very unlikely odds. There follows one of many nice battles within the background of the hoop, as they fight to unfastened Silesia and overcome Andronicus.

Meanwhile, Godfrey reveals himself in cover in the back of enemy strains and starts to return into his personal, studying what it capability to develop into a warrior, in his personal, detailed method. Gareth manages to stick alive, utilizing all his crafty to ward off catch via Andronicus, whereas Erec fights for his existence to avoid wasting Savaria from the oncoming invasion via Andronicus—and to avoid wasting his love, Alistair. Argon will pay a beneficial cost for doing the forbidden: meddling in human affairs. And Gwendolyn needs to come to a decision if she is going to surrender on existence, or absorb the secluded lifetime of a nun within the historical Tower of Refuge.

But now not sooner than, in a surprising twist, Thor ultimately learns who his genuine father is.

Will Thor and the others continue to exist the search? Will they retrieve the future Sword? Will the hoop live on Andronicus' invasion? what is going to turn into of Gwendolyn, Kendrick and Erec? And who's Thor's actual father?

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Count Volger crouched next to the command chair. He stared out the window alongside Alek, his voice dropping to a whisper. “Emperor Franz Joseph is eighty-three years old. ” Alek closed his eyes again. The red-tinged forest outside was too bleak to stare at anymore. A patch of uneven ground set the cabin shuddering, as if the world were unsteady in its path around the sun. ” “Not until we can be sure it’s safe, young master,” said Otto Klopp. ” Volger cried. Aleksandar looked up at him in shock.

Her six huge legs moved unhurriedly, but men scurried like ants across the gun deck, raising signal flags and manning the turrets. S. Beowulf. Alek watched a massive foot plant itself upon the forest floor. Long seconds later another tremor arrived, rippling across the trees around them and up through the Stormwalker’s metal frame. As the next step fell, a distant treetop flailed and then vanished, torn down by the giant walker’s stride. The red and black stripes of the Kaiser’s Landforce Jack flew from her spar deck, whipping in the breeze.

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