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Astrophysics and Space Science, Vol. 309

Multiple yr in the past we have been happy to announce theconference "The multi-messenger method of excessive energygamma-ray resources" which used to be held in Barcelona, Spain,from Tuesday, July 4th to Friday, July seventh, 2006. This bookcollects its refereed lawsuits. The convention used to be attendedby greater than 100 scientists from a dozen international locations.

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The fact that we detect hard X-ray emission within the error circle of TeV J2032+4130 is quite interesting. Together with the TeV observations, it points to the fact that high energy particles are being accelerated in the stellar winds associated with the massive stars in the region. It is not obvious, however, that the diffuse emission is related to the TeV source. We need deeper observations of the region in order to derive an X-ray spectrum of the diffuse emission. It would also be important to see if future observations (with 33 better angular resolution) of TeV J2032+4130 with VERITAS or MAGIC indicate any spatial correlation between the gamma-ray and X-ray emissions.

J. : Astrophys. J. : In: Pulsars, AXPs and SGRs Observed with BeppoSAX and Other Observatories, pp. : Astrophys. J. : Astrophys. Space Sci. : Astrophys. J. Lett. : Adv. Space Res. : Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. : Astron. Astrophys. : In: IAU Symposium 218, p. 105. : Astrophys. J. : In: International Cosmic Ray Conference, p. : Astron. Astrophys. : Astrophys. J. : Astron. Astrophys. : Astron. Astrophys. : Astrophys. J. : Astrophys. J. : Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. : Astron. Astrophys. : Astrophys.

Figure 1 shows the Chandra image of the region, with the position of TeV J2032+4130 marked. There are numerous pointlike X-ray sources near the centroid of the TeV source: Butt et al. (2006) find 240 point-like X-ray sources in a recent study of the field (Butt et al. 2006). We have marked the positions of the brightest point sources, those having at least 100 photons and a signal-to-noise ratio 5σ or greater, in Fig. 1. The positions, count rates and hardness ratios of these sources are given in Table 1.

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