By Freddie Levin

Whimsical, beautiful tasks spring like magic from the hand of illustrator Freddie Levin as she exhibits younger artists tips on how to create captivating animals from basic shapes, equivalent to eggs, ovals and circles. each one step towards the completed drawing is sluggish and entirely defined. childrens can choose between a menagerie of favourite topics, together with anteaters, armadillos, bison, deer, elephants, giraffes, hippos, jaguars, kangaroos, koalas, lions, orangutans, pandas, platypuses, polar bears, reccoons and extra. information regarding each one animal is helping make the booklet academic in addition to enjoyable.

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Доп. информация: Файл является рипом с сайта Google Books. Этим определяется отсутствие некоторых страниц (до 20% от общего числа) и невысокое разрешение сканирования (около a hundred dpi).

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9in) Sexual maturity 3–5 years Breeding season October–December Number of eggs 1 Incubation period 173 days Breeding interval 2–3 years Typical diet Fruit, but varies with season Lifespan Up to 30 years in the wild; 38 in captivity Tail Japanese macaques live in cold, northerly climates. Their tails are therefore short, which makes them less likely to suffer frostbite. (c) 2011 Marshall Cavendish. All Rights Reserved. 42 AT L A S O F T H E WO R L D ’ S S T R A N G E S T A N I M A L S Many mammals live in highly structured groups, dominated by a single male, who has exclusive breeding rights with the females.

Once this catfish is within easy reach, our cautious crocodile strikes – with open jaws ready to seize the unsuspecting fish. Its narrow snout is the perfect shape for manipulating slippery fish and, with a few well-judged movements, the catfish is quickly gulped down. Earth. Their eyes and nostrils are positioned towards the top of their head so that they can see and breathe while the rest of their body lies submerged in the shallows. They also have fantastic eyesight, with vertical pupils that widen in the dark to aid night-time hunting.

This is called eusociality. Just like in a bee hive, this ‘queen’ dominates and controls the entire group. However, the queen bee is the only fertile female in a hive. The queen mole rat maintains her supremacy, and stops other females from breeding, using chemical warfare! Her urine contains pheromones that surpress the urge to breed. She’s also a merciless bully, and a combination of stress and intimidation play a part in keeping other females in line. The queen may have up to three mates and produces as many as four litters a year.

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